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Day Trips

Mataichi No Shio: Traditional Salt Making in Itoshima

The best experiences are those you get into by accident. This maxim proved true again one sunny saturday when I took the wife and kid on a road trip to Itoshima. We did not have a plan other than to make the little one’s toes touch the sea and sand for the first time. We drove towards Itoshima and turn left or right on a whim. This was how we discovered Mataichi No Shio, a sea salt making company located in an isolated dead-end at the western most tip of Itoshima City. Asawa had heard about their tasty salt but never knew where they were located. So she was quite happy to have accidentally reached this place at the end of a very narrow dirt road. (more…)

Fukuoka Day Trip: Itoshima (糸島)

Itoshima, Fukuoka’s summer paradise is just 40 minutes away west of Fukuoka City.  People who visit Fukuoka say Fukuoka has everything, mountains, beach, city life.  They were probably referring to Itoshima when they talk of the first two.   If you are familiar with Oahu Island in Hawaii, then Fukuoka is your Honolulu and Itoshima is your North Shore, with its laid back lifestyle, awesome scenery, and yes, even surfing!  Artists find Itoshima conducive for inspiration so you will find many foreign and local artists calling it home.

Every summer, Itoshima becomes lively and never fails to satisfy Fukuoka City resident’s thirst for summer fun.  You may visit Itoshima on a day trip but don’t blame us if you decide to stay longer.  Here are some of the many interesting places we recommend you visit in Itoshima.  These are better accessed with your own car.

Farmers’ Market (Itosaisai 伊都菜彩)


Autumn Longing (Yusentei Garden)

Spring has finally arrived, and Autumn is already a two seasons behind.  Now is the perfect time to reminisce on the autumn that was.  (Ok, that was just me trying to justify the late posting these photos of Autumn in Yuusentei Garden in Fukuoka City.  If ever you are in Fukuoka during Autumn, this place is a must-see.  I think its worth the trip to Fukuoka itself!


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