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Fukuoka Surf: Mitoma and Shingu


Choppy Mitoma (Click for larger photo)

I have been to Mitoma once, during Autumn and saw some decent waves and a LOT of (though more on the small choppy category) and a LOT of surfers.  It is on the eastern part of Fukuoka, passed Island City.  I did not have chance to return since then until  one winter day in December.  I checked out the forecast and saw a 6 foot swell heading towards Mitoma so I decided to go catch the train going there and check it out (and perhaps brave it out there with a wetsuit if things seemed tempting enough.)  It was blown out and empty (I guess I forgot to check the wind in the forecast)  so I just enjoyed the view of the eerily empty beach and returned to the highway to walkfurther north east to check out a spot I read about in a map, Shingu.  It was a train station (of the same name) away from Mitoma but I decided to walk there instead.

A-Frame Shingu: Its hard to tell from the photo the size of the waves without juxta-positioning it, but those were about shoulder to head high waves. The dark thing where the waves crash is a breaker that spits out nice sets.


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