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Japan’s Musical Roads

We go outside of Fukuoka for today’s feature.

A series of “melody roads” in Gunma Prefecture in central Japan play out a tune as you drive over them…just in case you forgot to bring your CD collection for that Silver Week trip you had been planning for so long.  Instructions by the roadside tell motorists to drive at exactly 50 km/h to hear the melody in this 175 meter stretch of road.  The music is caused by ridges on the road which make a sound as tires run over them.  Too bad they didn’t use the super-silent Toyota Prius for this video.

Japanese Politeness at a Whole New Level

Japanese people are famous the world over for their politeness.  Even bowing, a great way of showing politeness has its levels.  While I have gotten used to their politeness, some news about their politeness still surprise me.  The Japan Times reports of a “polite robber” who tried to rob a convenience store in Osaka.  It was reported that Ryo Miyata, an unemployed destitute entered a Family Mart at around 3:30, brandished a utility knife and politely said to the clerk “Could you give me some money, please?“. (more…)

Breaking the Myth #2: Japanese people Study in the Library

Yet another misconception about Japan is proliferating in Youtube.  My first glimpse of a Japanese library was actually from this video.  Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when I visited the Fukuoka City Public Library and found out that no one wanted to play this game with me.


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