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Softbank Hawks Parade

The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks took to the streets of Fukuoka on December 11, 2011 to celebrate winning the Nippon Series. I braved the crowds but felt the caravan moved to fast. It was over as quickly as it started. I did manage to observe the posts-parade clean-up which was efficient and had traffice back to normal within minutes.

Quake Book: Japan Bloggers Help Out

Japan bloggers decided to contribute to the relief effort by doing what they do best, writing. Quake Book features short stories and excerpts written by people around the world who have either been personally affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and even those who were miles away when it struck but still felt emotionally affected.  100% of sales will reportedly be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.  The Quake Book will soon be for sale and they are already accepting pre-orders at their website. Visit www.quakebook.org for more information.

Foreign Media and the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

I have been following both the Japanese and Foreign media (particularly the western media) coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and I noticed a stark difference in their angle of coverage with regard to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  While the Japanese media have been circumspect and toned down, the western media seems to think that the danger is greater than it really is.  Which one is correct, we will know eventually, but for some foreigners in youtube have gone out to plead with foreign media to fix their reporting and explain as well the reality in Japan that has not been coming through their coverage.  Here are some:


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