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Fukuoka Surf Spot: Nogita

Nogita Surr

Nogita surf

Finally got to surf Nogita and it was much better than I thought. Summer isn’t a surf season in Fukuoka so I was not expecting anything great from this chance swell, but was pleasantly surprised. Waist to shoulder high waves, with just board shorts is all a man could ask for.

Nogita is less than an hour from central Fukuoka, right by the seaside highway traversing the coast of Itoshima. Nogita rarely breaks, but is a good option if the more open areas of Keya and Oguchi are too windy or big. It is a beach break, but good enough to make some nice peelers. It wasn’t uncrowded, but I wouldn’t say it was crowded. There is ample (pay) parking and (pay) shower right in front of the break, near Current. Its a place for longboarders but when I was there, the crowd was quite mixed, since the shortboarders had no where else to go.

I was prepared to west-suit it out in Japan, but surfing on just my boardshorts made me lazy again just thinking about the things I have to do when the cold season comes in.


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