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The Complaints Choir of Tokyo

The Complaints Choir concept is nothing new and has spread around the world from Finland to Hong Kong  since the first one was organized in Birmingham, UK in 2005.  But when I can across this wonderfully done video of the Complaints Choir of Tokyo, I just could not help but find it so fascinating.  It is very interesting because unlike other complaints choirs, the Japanese culture really comes out in this one and you can get an idea of what kind of people they are through their complaints.  What is even more amazing, is that while it shows you their culture, some of their complaints can surprise you as well and change your stereotype of Japanese people.  I for one would have thought that Japanese people would be the last persons on Earth to organize a complaints choir.   Not that they don’t have complaints, but it seemed they like to keep it to themselves.   There are many members of the choir who at first glance would seem like the type to spend all day at work, come home, have dinner, sleep, then get ready for work in the morning, yet they find themselves in a very open and relaxed situation.  This is what I love about Japan.  I am always being suprised by its people and the vibrancy of its communities so often times overlooked by outsiders.

I wonder if their is a Fukuoka Complaints Choir, and if there is, what would  their complaints be.  I especially like the comment about girls wearing make-up in the subway (and it happens in Fukuoka too!), but my contribution would be “Obaasans are too agressive when they ride their mamacharis!”.  What else would you complain about in Fukuoka?


  1. Japundit says:

    Story added…

    Your story has been featured on Japundit! Here is the link: http://www.japundit.com/LivinginJapan/Tokyos_Complaints_Choir

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  3. Ryan says:

    That's brilliant, a real find! I love it. I have listened to this clip about four times now and love it. Like you say, I am surprised that there is a Complaint Choir of Tokyo, but it's fantastic. Let's hope they do some more stuff later on in the year!

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