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Flower Park Bingo And other things to do at Mt. Fukuchi Flower Park

Flower Park Bingo  And other things to do at Mt. Fukuchi Flower Park

At Mt. Fukuchi Flower Park, you can play bingo while surrounded by nature on all sides. Blossoms and foliage abound in this spectacular park located at the foot of Mt. Fukuchi. Card games and other family-fun activities like tug of war are available every day in the recreational area from 9am to 5pm. During spring and fall, Mt. Fukuchi Flower Park is also open for viewing of its exquisite seasonal flowers that constantly enchant visitors.

In the spring, splendid pink cherry blossoms and vibrant poppies flourish. Summer sees the emergence of beautifully-clustered hydrangeas and ethereal lotus flowers. The autumn season at the park captivates sightseers as well with its picturesque changing leaves. Aside from flower gardens, the area also contains lush, open spaces and resting spots for visitors who want to take a breather amidst the wonderful view.

Of course, visitors looking for a fun and healthy pastime can never go wrong with one of the main diversions offered at the park: bingo! Studies have found that the game of chance provides numerous health benefits. Firstly, it significantly improves one’s memory, focus, eye-hand coordination, and concentration well into old age (which could explain its constant presence in retirement homes). Bingo is also a game that requires a lot of social interaction, so the steady social contact stimulates our hearts and makes for healthier cardiovascular functions.

These benefits are carried over today, even through different and more contemporary means. For instance, Japan produced its very own bingo video game called “Bing Bing! Bingo” which was released for the video gaming merchandise Super Famicom in 1993. Online bingo also retains the same element of social interaction found in traditional bingo games by providing modular chat systems, hence ensuring the same level of popularity (if not higher) it has enjoyed throughout history. In fact, bingo has shown continuously overwhelming popularity online that gaming companies are also tapping social media to further improve their games. Gaming Realms, operator for Iceland Bingo focused on strengthening foundations in the casino and bingo segments of the social gaming market. Chairman Michael Buckley said, “We are rapidly building products and services to meet the growing requirements of gamers to engage on differing social media devices via various touch points such as app stores, Facebook and mobile advertising platforms.”

Besides bingo games, walking events are also held every other week in the flower park. Visitors partial to gardening will also delight in the park’s gift shops that sell potted plants and seedlings ready for your very own home garden.

The Mount Fukushi Flower Park is located at 1498 Yuribaru, Elmanji, Nogata City and can be reached by calling 0949-23-4187. Admission is 100 yen for visitors aged 6 to 18 and 300 yen for those aged 19 and up.

Lea Salonga Likes “Les Miz” Japan

From http://www.cameronmackintosh.com/images/sized/assets/uploads/productions/LM_Japan-1220x419.jpgLea Salonga recently wrote of her experience watching the production of Les Miserables in Tokyo, Japan, and it was full of praises. To say that she was blown away is an understatement.   Many remember Lea for her iconinc portrayal of Eponine in Broadway in 1993 and Fantine 2007 so to hear her rave about a Les Miserables performance would mean a lot to the cast.  She goes as far as to say that “it’s probably the best production of “Les Miz” that I’d seen in a very long time.”  She goes on to say that ” I don’t think I had ever seen a harder-working group of actors on a stage, committed to telling this story with every fiber of their being.”

She leaves this message to the cast and crew: You have all inspired me as a performer, fueling my own desires to keep on singing full-throated and committed to telling stories the best way I know how. There are many other companies out there in the world that could learn a thing or two from you.

Les Misrables is scheduled to be performed in Fukuoka on August 3 – 31 in Hakata-za. Link here.

Fukuoka, Japan’s shining star

I came across 2 articles today harping about the wonders of Fukuoka.  These articles talk about things us Fukuoka residents have known for a long time.  Things are looking up for our favorite place in Japan (and the world?)

The first one is from the Guardian, a British online newspaper, entitled “Why flourishing Fukuoka has something for every traveller“.  For a British article to call Fukuoka the “Liverpool of Japan” says something very good about our little town.

The next article is a bit older but relevant nonetheless. The New York Times writes about “Uncovering the Secrets of Fukuoka” and how it is the “Gourmet City” of Japan.  Now that is HUGE to be called the Gourmet City of the world’s Gourmet Country.

A lot of people have been asking me what is good to do in Fukuoka.  I often have a hard time answering because Fukuoka is less of a tourist spot than a quality of life kind of place.  Then again, if eating your heart out in top notch Japanese cuisine is a vacation for you then you have come to the right place!

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