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Where is the Best Place in the World to Have Diarrhea?


I always say that Japan is the best place in the world to get a tummy ache, because even public toilets are often very clean.  They may even come with toilet seat cleaner sprays, bidets, and the amenities.  So in this creme de la creme of toilets, who wins the right to be called the best place to have diarrhea?    That honor belongs to no other than ICHIRAN RAMEN, Nishijin, Fukuoka Branch.  Never will you ever not have enough toilet paper!


Ichiran  Toilet

There seems no be no reason not to be there.  While Ichiran Ramen shops are scattered all over Japan, there is a special flavour that can only be had in their Fukuoka branches.  What’s more, their Nishijin branch is only one of the few shops that serves “Gotetsu” noodles, or those three are extra-firm!

(Source: Ichiran Ramen website)

If you are still not convinced, it is also one of the few shops that have these see Photo above)!  It is the perfect branch for the anti-anti-social!

For information on how to order your ramen in Ichiran Ramen, visit our earlier post here.

Ichiran (一蘭ラーメン) is Ichiban! : The Ichiran Ramen Dining Experience



People from Fukuoka pride themselves with their cuisine.  This is not simply local bias, but a fact confirmed by Monocle Magazine which states that Fukuoka is where the culinary conscious crowd of Tokyo go for their gastronomic delight.  That is right, residents of the city with the most number of Michelin star restaurants fly to Fukuoka for their food cravings.

Fukuoka is known for many dishes but what stands out is its Ramen, particularly tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen.  I will go as far as saying that pizza is to Italy, as tacos are to Mexico, as ramen is to Fukuoka!  Thus, no trip to Fukuoka is ever complete without trying out Fukuoka Ramen. The Ramen experience is such an amazing experience that I recommend complete focus on the ramen, ignoring all distractions around you.  Fortunately, one ramen shop knows exactly how to make you do this. (more…)

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